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Advice for the Low Residency

Tuesday 19 February to Thursday 28 February 2019

Here are some details to help you plan if you are coming to London.


how to get to Camberwell College of Arts from local transport:

The postcode for the main building is: SE5 8UF — please use this to find the right building, this is the main college building on Peckham Road (sometimes google maps shows Camberwell College of Arts at a different building which is 5 minutes away but is not the main building).

London Travel App

Citymapper - If you have a smart phone and 3G/4G data (more info about a UK sim card below) this is the best resource for finding your way round London - it is a website an a smart phone app - very, very good!

This app is very accurate on time and cost and provides multiple routes for your journey and live bus times.

Oyster card or credit card for travel

Cheapest option for travel in London is the Oyster card - you can buy one when you arrive or you can buy before and have it sent to you:

A contactless credit or debit card will also now work without having to buy an Oyster card or top up, it works in the same way and has a the same price and cap on the maximum you can spend each day. However be careful if your credit card is from another country you might get charged an extra fee every time to use it.

UK mobile phone Sim Card

If you need a UK sim card for your phone with local calls, texts and data included, there are a few options. You can buy one at most airports, or there are many mobile phone shops. Possibly the best option is from Lebara who specialise in offering contract free sim cards for visitors:


There are numerous options for places to stay in London but here are a few options that are very close to college:

Camberwell Church Street Hotel is just a short walk along the main road from college

Peckham Lodge is also on the same road as college (maybe 2 minutes nearer than Church Street Hotel) - it is more of a youth hostel

The Victoria Inn is slightly further away but still within 15 minutes walk -

Air BnB is a great option to stay in a spare room in a local home, here is a link showing options near to the college postcode SE5 8UF

in the past a few online students have shared Air BnB type accommodation.

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